Difference Between CRDi & TDI Engines

Audi V12 TDI Engine

Difference Between CRDi & TDI Engines

Cars and SUV’s brands in India like Hyundai , Tata, Mahindra, Chevrolet etc. are powered by CRDi engines  on the other side brands like Skoda, Volkswagen using TDI engines. In today’s market diesel  engines are more on demand and a serious competition is going on amongst CRDi & TDI engines.


CRDi – Common Rail Direct Injection

Evolution of diesel engines to CRDi technology has significantly increased efficiency & boosted its performance. A single tube(common rail) is connected with all the injectors. While working, fuel is atomised inside the common rail(single pressurised tube),then it is passed to injectors and injector further sprays it to the combustion chamber.

Earlier, conventional diesel engines had a particular pump for each rail & each cylinder, as number of cylinders increases numbers of pump and tubes also increases  . But, in common rail there is only one pump and one rail connected with injectors which supplies fuel to all cylinders of engine.However, CRDi engines are bit expensive engines compared to other engines but it has a much better fuel economy than other diesel engines & a better performance too.

Different names of CRDi by different manufacturers which we usually hear are:-

D4D – ToyotaToyota-D4D-Diesel-Engine



CRDe- Mahindra, DiCOR & CR4 – TATA. Likewise, Fiat named it as Multijet & this Multijet is also used by Maruti & Tata with different names like DDiS(Maruti) & Quadrajet (Tata)

TDI (Turbocharged Direct Injection )

TDI engines is design of turbodiesel engines which have attributes like turbocharging & cylinder direct fuel injection which are developed & used by Volkswagen group. TDI uses direct injection which atomises the fuel & sprays fuel inside the engine’s combustion chamber with the help of a fuel injector. Due to turbocharger more amount of air can enter into cylinders & an intercooler is also present which helps in keeping the engine’s temperature low & allows more fuel to be injected & combusted . TDI has lesser surface are which cuts heat losses & increases engine efficiency.


  • TDI uses turbocharging from exhaust & CRDi itself has high pressure pump so it do not necessarily requires turbocharger to boost engine’s efficiency & power.
  • CRDi has better efficiency as its supported by sensors & has one injector turbo pipe which provides fuel as per requirement. on this aspect CRDi is better than TDI
  • CRDi technology is comparatively better for small capacity engines, on the contrary TDI’s good for bigger engines.
  • CRDi also heats up less & gives much more cleaner exhausts
  • But, TDI are less complicated compared to CRDi
  • TDI are cheaper & also easier to maintain than CRDi


Moving to verdict we come to know CRDi has better performance & efficiency as well due to a reason it is technologically ahead. But, CRDi  costs more than TDI & CRDi are also bigger in size. On the contrary , TDI’s are also good engines they offer you a value for money and durability with a sturdy performance & efficiency as well. Moreover, TDI also needs lesser maintenance than CRDi. Furthermore, it all depends upon your choice but, our preference is still TDI.


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