Ara Google’s modular phone revoked.


Google’s Ara project now canned ?

This year we had seen a number of flagship  phones released, whether it has been Samsung’s  Galaxy s7/s7 Edge or Apple’s iPhone 7/Plus both of them excels in the design, build quality and performance, It’s always come down to the individual preference and user experience with they want to go with. We have seen some other solid phones like HTC 10 , Xperia XZ from Sony, Google’s Pixel XL this year.But each device lacks one or the other feature that every customer looks for.

Opting a device that offers the flexibility of scaling the phone to their own needs, some might prefer better camera while other prefer to have an extended battery. Whatever might be the case but it allows users to have a phone with higher level of modularity of their preference. All the devices either from Samsung or Apple doesn’t provide that level of flexibility at the moment. Ara the modular phone project by Google was the answer to this problem. But does it truly stands for what it says?. Does it will be reliable and popular among current scenario, with VR(Virtual Reality) and cured phone on the edge of entering into the main stream.



  • Modularity : replacable modules.
  • Long life : result of modularity
  • User friendly : Device integration deepending on requirement.
  • Cheaper


  • Asthetics and design 
  • Compatability and integration
  • Battery life 


Even though Ara trying to solve the problems that current phones are having. It was quite disappointing that project has been but to shadows. There were certainly various issues that need to be addressed that comes as a tradeoff of its modular design architecture. We hope Google VR doesn’t meet the same fate as Ara.

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